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Incrementally Adoptable

Vue Component Development Kit consists of several packages. You can use just one, some or all packages. Each package is useful on its own.

No/Minimal Styling

Vue Component Development Kit avoids custom styles as much as possible. CSS is only used (and provided) where it is important for the actual functionality.

Well Tested & Documented

Almost everything is unit and/or E2E–tested.

The Vue Component Development Kit is a set of low-level components, mixins and utilities that act as a foundation for other component libraries and applications. Kickstart your project with a well-tested, incrementally adoptable and minimally invasive framework. Everything that is part of Vue Component Development Kit solves an actual problem that you may stumble upon sooner or later.

# What is in the Box

# Philosophy

Everything that is part of the Vue Component Development Kit (abbr. CDK) tries to conform to a certain philisophy.

# Every Package is useful on its own

Every package solves an actual problem and is useful on it's own. There are almost no (non–trivial) dependencies between the packages itself. This makes it easy to use just a single package, multiple packages or all.

# Every Package is well documented and well tested

Everything that is considered public is documented. If it isn't please create an inssue. Whenever Vue Component Development Kit relies on a third party library and the test coverage of that library is not sufficient, tests are created and contributed back to the project.

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# Changelog